Dear Users, Now Google added a Campaigns For Blogger BlogSpot Users, Where they can Promote their Blogs or Custom Domain Website with Blogger Integration by Using AdWards to Grow Audience Traffic on Site.

Google SEO Grow Audience Campaign Blogger BlogSpot

Whether BlogSpot User looking to bring in new readers or keep them coming back for more, then AdWords can help blogs to get more visibility.

1.Where User Can Create your ad.
Start by writing an ad that tells people about your blog.
Next, choose the search terms that will make your ad show up in the Google search results Page.

2.Where Peoples Can see blog on Top Google search results Page.
How It Works?
If the words that people type in Google match your keywords, your ad can appear above or next to the search results.

3.Final You get more readers !!
They click your ad and go to your blog / Site. Best of all, you only pay when they do.

Google AdWards Grow Audience Campaign Blogger BlogSpot

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