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Facts About 'Baahubali' That Will Blow Your Mind

1. An approximate measure states that the VFX footage in certain shots of the film cost Rs 5000/second.
2. Baahubali is the most expensive movie ever produced in the Indian subcontinent.
3. Baahubali is the first Indian film that has successfully managed to transcend regional boundaries!
4. Baahubali has broken all possible records at the box-office. The film collected between Rs.60 and 70 crore on the first day worldwide!
5. Rajamouli 's first choice for the roles played by Prabhas and Rana were Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham!
6. In a few action sequences, stunt choreographer Peter Hein had to control more than 2000 men and elephants.
7. To build the 20-acre kingdom for the film, 1000 workers worked extensively for 200 days.
8. A 100-foot statue of the film's antagonist, Rana Daggubati, was placed at RFC, Hyderabad.
9. A new language called Kiliki was exclusively created for the film by writer Madhan Karky.
10. A sequence of the film required a maize field. And a maize field was naturally grown in Ramoji Film City for around 7 months.
11. Both Prabhas and Rana Daggubati had a target of consuming 2,000-4,000 K calories a day.
12. ‘ Jurassic World’ and ‘Baahubali’ have a common factor - both films share the same special effects team.
13. One of the waterfall scenes of the film, also seen in the trailer, took close to two months of overall shooting time of the film.
14. Since the film has aggressive war and action sequences, trainers from Vietnam were hired to train Prabhas, Anuskha, Rana and Satyaraj.
15. Baahubali also bagged a position in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest poster (51,000 square feet).
16. Prabhas dedicated two years of his life to working on this one film.
17. Despite being a regional film, Baahubali became the biggest opener in Indian cinema beating the record of Aamir Khan's movie PK!
18. A 20-minute battle scene from the film took four months to shoot.
19. Baahubali has 9.4 IMDB rating, making it the highest rated Indian film ever.
20. 600 artists and 17 visual effects studios across India, South Korea and China were roped in to create the film's 4,500 visual effects and computer graphics!
21. Baahubali is the only Indian film that managed to feature in the BBC documentary on 100 years of Bollywood. This happened even before the film was released.
22. The film was shot in 16:9 aspect ratio for bigger and better quality pictures!

6 different maces (gadhas) designed specially for Rana’s war sequences

20 acres of maize farm was cultivated just for the shoot in RFC

Budget of the two parts of India's costliest motion picture 250 crores

Crew of Baahubali prides 25 national award winning artists and technicians

First Telugu movie releasing in 4 languages worldwide, simultaneously

Made in 2 parts, a magnum opus; an epic story

Number of screens in which the movie is set to release

One Movie that an entire nation awaits

Space utilized at RFC to shoot war scenes

The entire movie runs up to 15 reels

The height of Bhallala Deva’s statue which needed 4 cranes to be erected 125 feet

The length of the movie 155 minutes. Censor certified the movie as UA with no cuts

The number of artists 2000 that acted in the war sequences

The number of 733 days, since the first day of shoot till the release date

The number of 125 crore people waiting for an iconic movie

The number of 5000 VFX shots used throughout the movie

The number of 20000 weapons designed and used in the entire movie

The remuneration claimed by Prabhas for playing the lead through 2.5 yrs of call-sheets

The size of 51968 feet the record-breaking poster; the largest in the world unveiled at Kochi

The time 12 days taken for the shot in which Bhallala Deva’s statue is raised

The weight Rana gained for this movie; went from 88kgs to 120 kgs

Through a span of 1 year the number of 15000 sketches made as a part of pre-production

Thats All About Bahubali.

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