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for - "Naina" from the Movie "Hunterrr". It's a very melodious song and I love the way it's composed. To Play / Perform this song on guitar, You should know how to play guitar Chords / Tabs / Strumming Pattern .


Movie / Film / Album - Hunterrr
Song - Naina
Singer - Khamosh Shah
Lyrics / Lyricist - Vijay Maurya, Swanand Kirkire & Azazul Haque
Music Composer / Director - Khamosh Shah
Actor / Actress / Star Cast - Gulshan DevaiahRadhika ApteSai Tamhankar
Director / Directed by - Harshavardhan Kulkarni
Producer / Produced by - Kirti Nakhwa, Rohit Chugani, Ketan Maru, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap
Note - Listen song carefully and figure out the Suitable Strumming Pattern / Chords / Tabs for respective song. where,
D = Down Stroke Strum and U = Up Stroke Strum
Dm / D* / dm / small d = Muted Chuck Down Stroke Strum
Um / U* / um / small u = Muted Chuck Up Stroke Strum

Strumming Pattern: Na

(A)Naina jo (F#m)ladte hain
(D)Ladne de o (E)piya
(A)Naino ki (F#m)kitabein
(D)Padhne de o (A)piya

(A)Nain mere nakaare nain
(A)Padh na paaye tere kaare nain
(A)Anpadh ye bechaare hain
(D)Sharaarat sikha de (E)inhein
(A)Naasamajh nakaare hain
(D)Ishaare dikha de (E)inhein

(A)Naina jo (F#m)ladte hain
(D)Ladne de o (E)piya
(A)Naino ki (F#m)kitabein
(D)Padhne de o (A)piya

(A)Tu jo palkon ke (D)panne palte
Toh chaahat (E)padhun main
(A)Teri nazron pe (D)likhe
Lafzon ki aahat (E)sunu main

(Bm)Har taraf tu padhne de...(D)
(Bm)Zubaan ishq chadne de...(D)

(Bm)Naino ki sharaaratein
(F#m)Badhti hai to badhne de
(D)Naino se chhin (E)le, (A)chaina

(A)Naina jo (F#m)ladte hain
(D)Ladne de o (E)piya
(A)Naino ki (F#m)kitabein
(D)Padhne de o (A)piya

(A)Nazron ko (C#m)padh ke ye jaana
(D)Naadan the kitne (E)hum
(A)Dil ne ye (C#m)maana dhadkan se
(D)Anjaan the kitne (E)hum

(Bm)Ab sookun mil gaya...(D)
(Bm)Mujhko tu jo mil gaya...(D)

(Bm)Nain tere dekhte
(D)Dekh kaise dil gaya
(D)Khwaabon ko mil (E)gayi, (A)raina

(A)Naina jo (F#m)ladte hain
(D)Ladne de o (E)piya
(A)Naino ki (F#m)kitabein
(D)Padhne de o (A)piya

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Naina kehnde mere ranjhna
G              D
dhola maahi rusiya
Dil lagda nahi (x3)

hmm hmmm..

D           Bm
Saajan ke sang preet lagayi
D             Bm
Sau sau jag se baatein banayi
Ab aa jaiyo
Der lagaayi
D                C#
Preet kya dil ko raas na aayi

Tu to vasda ai pardeson
G                 D
Mainu kallan chhaddeya
Dil lagda nahi


D      Bm            D
Kab aaoge ye toh bataao
D             Bm
Mar jaayenge saath nibhaao
D            Bm
Toote saare waade tumhaare
D                  C#       D
Hum toh reh gaye tere sahaare
tere sahaare..

Maahi hoya kivein begaana
 G            D
Mera dil tutteya
Hur lagda nahi


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