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for - "Wonderful Tonight" by "Eric Clapton". It's a very melodious song and I love the way it's composed. To Play / Perform this song on guitar, You should know how to play guitar Chords / Tabs / Strumming Pattern .


Movie / Film / Album -
English Song - Wonderful Tonight
Singer - Eric Clapton
Lyrics / Lyricist -
Music Composer / Director -
Actor / Actress / Star Cast -
Director / Directed by -
Producer / Produced by -
Note - Listen song carefully and figure out the Suitable Strumming Pattern / Chords / Tabs for respective song. where,
D = Down Stroke Strum and U = Up Stroke Strum
Dm / D* / dm / small d = Muted Chuck Down Stroke Strum
Um / U* / um / small u = Muted Chuck Up Stroke Strum

Strumming Pattern: Na


(G)It's late in the (D)evening
(C)She's wondering
what (D)clothes to wear
(G)She puts on her (D)make-up
(C)And brushes her (D)long blond hair

(C)And then she'd (D)ask me
(G)Do I look (Em)alright?
And I say (C)yes
You look (D)wonderful (G)tonight


(G)We'd go to a (D)party
(C)And everyone (D)turns to see
(G)This beautiful (D)lady
(C)That's walking (D)around with me

(C)And then she'd (D)ask me
(G)Do you feel (Em)alright?
And I'd say (C)yes
I feel (D)wonderful (G)tonight

I feel (C)wonderful (D)because
I see the (G)lovelight in your (Em)eyes
And the (C)wonder of it (D)all
Is that you (C)just don't rea(D)lise
How much I (G)love you


(G)It's time to go (D)home now
(C)And I've got an aching (D)head
(G)So I give her the (D)car keys
(C)And she helps me to (D)bed

(C)And then I (D)tell her
(G)As I turn out the (Em)light
I say my (C)darling
You are (D)wonderful (G)tonight
O My (C)darling
You are (D)wonderful (G)tonight


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