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for - "Aao Bachcho Tumhe Dikhaye" from the Movie "Jagriti". It's a very melodious song and I love the way it's composed. To Play / Perform this song on guitar, You should know how to play guitar Tabs / Chords / Strumming Pattern .

Movie / Film / Album - Jagriti
Song - Aao Bachcho Tumhe Dikhaye
Lyrics / Lyricist - Kavi Pradeep
Music Composer / Director - Hemant Kumar
Note - Listen song carefully and figure out the Suitable Strumming Pattern / Chords / Tabs for respective song. where,
D = Down Stroke Strum and U = Up Stroke Strum
Dm / D* / dm / small d = Muted Chuck Down Stroke Strum
Um / U* / um / small u = Muted Chuck Up Stroke Strum

Strumming Pattern: Aao Bachcho Tumhe Dikhaye

Aao Bachcho Tumhe Dikhaye Chords – Desh Bhakti Song

(D#)Aao bachcho tumhe dikhaye (Bb)jhankee hindustan kee
(Fm)Iss mittee se tilak karo yeh (G#)dharatee hai bali(D#)dan kee

(D#)Vande mataram…. Vande mata(Fm)ram….
(D#)Vande mataram…. Vande mata(Fm)ram….

(D#)Uttar me rakha(Bb)valee karata (Bb)parvataraj vi(Cm)rat hai
(D#)Dakshin me chara(Bb)no ko dhota (Bb)sagar kaa sam(Cm)rat hai
(D#)Jamuna jee ke (Bb)tat ko dekho (Bb)ganga kaa yeh (Cm)ghat hai
(C#)Bat bat pe (G#)hat hat me (G#)yaha nirala (D#)thath hai
(D#)Dekho yeh tasvire apane (Bb)gaurav kee abhiman kee
(Fm)Iss mittee se tilak karo yeh (G#)dharatee hai balidan kee

(D#)Vande mataram…. Vande mata(Fm)ram….
(D#)Vande mataram…. Vande mata(Fm)ram….

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