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Yeh Fitoor Mera Guitar CHORDS + Strumming Pattern, Hindi song from the movie FITOOR

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Movie / Film / Album - FITOOR (2016)
Song - Yeh Fitoor Mera
Singer - Arijit Singh
Lyricist / Lyrics - Swanand Kirkire
Music Composer / Director - Amit-Trivedi
Actor / Actress - Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif, Tabu
Note - Listen song carefully and figure out the Suitable Strumming Pattern / Chords / Tabs for respective song. where,
D = Down Stroke Strum and U = Up Stroke Strum
Dm / D* / dm / small d = Muted Chuck Down Stroke Strum
Um / U* / um / small u = Muted Chuck Up Stroke Strum

Yeh Fitoor Mera [CHORDS] 
[Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD or DD UDUD D]

(F#m) (A) (Bm) (F#m) (E) x 2 times

(F#m)Zindagi ne (A)ki hai kaisi (B)saazishein
(F#m)Poori hui (A)dil ki wo far(B)maishein
(F#m)Maangi duaa ek tujh(A) tak jaa pahunchi
(E)Parvardigara, (B)parvardigara
(F#m)Kaisi suni tune (A)meri khamoshi
(E)O parvardigara(F#m)

(D)Ye fitoor (E) mera laaya(A) mujhko hai te(B)re kareeb
(D)Ye fitoor (E)mera rehmat(A) teri(B)
(D)Ye fitoor (E) mera maine(A) badla re me(B)ra naseeb
(D)Ye fitoor (E) mera chaahat(A) teri
(B)O parvardigara,(B) parvardigara

(F#m) (A) (B) x 2 times

(F#m)Dheeme dheeme jal(A) rahi thi kh(B)waishein
(F#m)Dil mein dabi, gh(A)ut rahi farma(B)aishein
(F#m)Banke dhuaan wo
(A)Tujh tak jaa pahunchi, (B)parvardigara

Deewangi ki hadd maine nochi o parvardigara

(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera laa(A)ya mujhko hai (B)tere kareeb
(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera rehmat(A) teri(B)
(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera maine(A) badla re mera(B) naseeb
(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera chaahat(A) teri
(B)O parvardigara,(B)parvardigara

(F#m) (A) (B) x 4 times
(D) (F#m) (A) (E) x 2 times
(F#m) (E) (B)

(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera laaya(A) mujhko hai te(B)re kareeb
(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera rehma(A)t teri(B)
(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera maine(A) badla re mera(B) naseeb
(D)Ye fitoor(E) mera chaahat(A) teri
(B)O parvardigara, (B)parvardigara

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