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Kuch To Hai Guitar Chords, Hindi song from the movie Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

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Movie / Film / Album - Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
Song - Kuch Toh Hai
Singer - Armaan Malik
Lyricist / Lyrics -
Music Composer / Director - Ankit Tiwari
Actor / Actress - Randeep HoodaKajal Aggarwal
Note - Listen song carefully and figure out the Suitable Strumming Pattern / Chords / Tabs for respective song. where,
D = Down Stroke Strum and U = Up Stroke Strum
Dm / D* / dm / small d = Muted Chuck Down Stroke Strum
Um / U* / um / small u = Muted Chuck Up Stroke Strum

Kuch To Hai [TABS] [CHORDS] 
[Strumming Pattern: DDD UDUD]

(C#)AAhate (D#m)kaise hai ahate
(F#)Sunta hu (G#m)ajj kal ae dil bta
(D#m)Dete haii dastake
(F#)Kyo ajanabi se pal
(G#m)Ae dil bta......
(C#)Kuch to hai jo (D#m)nind aye kam
(D#m)Kuch to hai jo(B) ankhe hai nam
(C#)Kuch to hai jo (F#)tu keh de to
(B)Haste haste mar(G#m) jaye hum

(C#)he ha aha(A#) re ra re

(G#m)Mujse jada (C#)tere jaisa
(B)Koi hai to hai tu(D#m)Phir na jane (G#m)dil mera kyo
(C#)Tujko na de skoon

(D#m)Kuch to hai jo(G#m) dil ghbraye
(C#)KUch to hai jo (D#m)sans na aye
(D#m)Kuch to hai jo(C#) hum honto se
(F#)Khte khte keh na paye

Y(B)eh (G#m) ahah

(C#)Jo hmare (D#m)darmiya hai
(D#m)Isko hum (G#m)kya kahe
(G#m)Ishq kya hai(C#) ik lehr hai
(D#m)Ao us me bahe

(G#m)kuch to hai (C#) hum hai khoye
(D#m)Kuch to hai(C#) tum na soye
(G#m)Kuch to hai hum(C#) dono yu
(D#m)haste haste itna roe

he(D#m) aaa o(C#)ooo......

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Video Tutorial by Subrata Sarkar : https://youtu.be/DaYDSRulVvo

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[Em] [D] [Am] [D] x2

[Em] Aahatein kaisi yeh aah[D]atein
Sunta hoon [Am] aaj kal aye dil b[D]ata
[Em] Dastake dete hai da[D]stake
Kyun ajn[Am]abi se pal aye dil [D] bata

[Em] Kuchh toh hai jo ne[Am]end aaye kum
[D] Kuchh toh hai jo [G] aankhein hai num
[C] Kuchh toh hai jo t[Am]u keh de toh
[D] Haste haste mar jaaye hum


[Em] Mujhse zyada [C] mere jaisa
[Am] Tu hi hai tu hi [D] tu
[Em] Phir na jaane d[C]il mera kyun
[Am] Tujhko na de suko[D]on

[Em] Kuchh toh hai jo [Am] dil ghabhraye
[D] Kuchh toh hai jo [G] saanse aaye
[C] Kuchh toh hai jo h[Am]um hotho
Se k[D]ehte kehte ke[G]h na paaye


(Em)-(C)-(Am)-(D) x2

[Em] Jo hamare darmi[C]yaa hai
[Am] Isko hum kyun k[D]ahe
[Em] Ishq kya hai [C] ek lehara hai
[Am] Aao usme ba[D]he

[Em] Kuchh toh hai jo [Am] hum hai khoye
[D] Kuchh toh hai jo tu[G]m na soye
[C] Kuchh toh hai jo h[Am]um dono yun
[D] Haste haste i[G]tna roye.


(Em)-(C)-(Am)-(D) x2

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