TheDeepak Presents ZenFone AR it is built for Augmented Reality, also built to see like your eyes do. it have following specs

23 MP Camera | Motion Tracking | Depth Sensing

its has TriCam System which has 3 rear cameras design for motion tracking, depth sensing and high resolution images in a slim stylish smart form factory.

Asus TriCam System for Tango used for area learning, motion tracking, depth perception.so that you can enjoy Augmented Reality.

The ZenFone AR is the first Tango enabled smartphone which has
WQHD (2560x1440 resolution) | Super Amoled 5.7 inch Display | 79% Screen to body ratio

it also has exclusive ZenUI VR 360 degree view thumbnails without any third party app.

ASUS ZenFone AR is built for Augmented Reality #TheDeepak

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